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The Dream Team Ducks whole team which is a white rubber duck that looks like a unicorn, a yellow rubber duck with The Dream Team Ducks offical seal on his belly and black tail feathers, a black orca, another yellow  rubber duck with The Dream Team Ducks offical seal on his belly without black tail feathers, and a red rubber duck with a black beak. All of the team are sitting on a yellow gingham tablecloth reading the children's books, Zoey and teh Dream Team Ducks Go To Shampoo Mountain, and Marathon Marshall and the Dream Team Ducks Go to Boston

The Dream Team Ducks' Books

Written by Felicia Brown, these children's books feature fun, full color illustrations and stories of The Dream Team Ducks going on adventures, meeting new friends, and sharing smiles!

Each purchase of one of our books through our website also sends a donation to one of our partner charities.

The children's book, Zoey and The Dream Team Ducks Go To Shampoo Mounatin, laid on a plush light pink towel with a shower brush sitting next to it and bubbles all around

Zoey & The Dream Team Ducks Go To Shampoo Mountain

The most fun part of bath time is Shampoo Mountain, where a little girl makes her soapy hair into fun shampoo styles with help from The Dream Team Ducks. Join Zoey, Quicky, Quacky, MC Killer, Uni and Little Red as they wash, scrub, and style their way to Shampoo Mountain.

The children's book, Marathon Marshall and The Dream Team Ducks Go To Boston, sitting on the corner of a gingam picnic blanket on green grass next to a dandelion plant

Marathon Marshall & The Dream Team Ducks Go To Boston 

Join The Dream Team Ducks (Quicky, Quacky, MC Killer, Little Red & Uni) as they waddle, paddle, and ride their way across the United States to meet their friend, Marathon Marshall, in Boston at the start of a big race!

Duck Buck Books

Small acts of kindness add up and can make a big difference.

Every purchase of one of The Dream Team Ducks books through our website donates $1 to one of our partner charities.

Our Mission:

Giving back through our books

Pretty pictures, have a look

With a whale and four ducks

Every sale donates a buck!


1 book sold = $1

10 books sold = $10

100 books sold = $100

A fake one dollar bill designed with The Dream Team Ducks offical seal on either side, the words "In Ducks We Trust" across the top, and an image of Quacky, a yellow rubber ruck, on teh middle with a banner beneath that says "One Duck Buck"

Our Partner Charities

BackPack Beginnings

The BackPack Beginnings logo which in a teal colored backpack icon with a green "BPB" label on it, beside the words "BackPack Beginnings" in teal and green

BackPack Beginnings’ mission is to deliver child-centric services to feed, comfort and clothe children in need. By ensuring food and basic necessities are given directly to children in need, we make a positive and lasting impact on their health and well-being.

Serving over 21,000 children annually in central North Carolina, their vision is a community of healthy and well-nurtured children. The organization provides tangible basic needs directly to children and families in need. They distribute food, fresh produce, formula, baby food, comfort items, hygiene products, school supplies, diapers, clothing, shoes, books, baby accessories and baby equipment.

The Jacquelyn Project

The Jaquelyn Project logo, which is a half orange and yellow sunshine with an orange half circle behind it and the words "Team Jacq" below it in bold black font

The Jacquelyn Project was formed to honor Jacquelyn (Dahneke) Penrose who engaged in a valiant long-term battle with breast cancer from 2015 until her passing in 2022. In the spirit of keeping Jacquelyn’s legacy alive and bright, her father, Marshall Dahneke, qualified for and committed to running the 2023 Boston Marathon in her memory…and on behalf of the Massage Therapy Foundation (supporting research, education, and community service) with a portion of the proceeds directed towards breast cancer community service projects.

The Massage Therapy Foundation

The Massage Therapy Foundation logo, which is a green arch with a six pointed star arching around the wrods "massage therapy foundation" in the same shade of green

The Massage Therapy Foundation was founded by the American Massage Therapy Association in 1990 with the mission of advancing the knowledge and practice of massage therapy by supporting scientific research, education, and community service. The Foundation is able to provide these services by individual gifts, industry support, and fundraising events. Since 2013 this has included having runners participate in the Boston Marathon. The 2023 Team MTF Boston Marathon Runners are Marshall Dahneke (UT), Rulon Dahneke (UT), David Gonzalez (FL), Dennis Jones (FL), and Theresa Seitz (FL).

Want to help? Become a Duck Buck Donor today!

Are You a Teacher or Educator?

We would love to send you a completely FREE eBook copy of Zoey & The Dream Team Ducks Go To Shampoo Mountain or Marathon Marshall & The Dream Team Ducks Go To Boston!

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